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HBase Development Environment

The first step for digging in to the hbase code is to setup the proper development environment. Here are some notes i made when preparing myself for making my hands dirty with hbase. Although this is done in OS X Mountain Lion, this should be fairly same in most of the Unix’ish OS.


 Install Protocol Buffers

  1. Download protocol buffers from this link
  2. untar it and cd in to that directory.
  3. Run “./configure”,”make” and “sudo make install” from command line to install “protoc”
  4. In OS X, ./configure will probabaly complain about “C Compiler” and “cmake” missing. You can choose to install it by getting  XCode command line tools and cmake through “brew install cake” if you are a brew user.


Download and Compile HBase

  1. git clone git://
  2. mvn clean install -DskipTests
  3. “mvn eclipse:eclipse” to create eclipse related files (.project )
       First time compile takes time as all the required libraries are downloaded from the internet.


Setup Eclipse

  1. Download Eclipse (preferably the latest one)
  2. Install the code formatting xml (Look at HBASE-3678 for details)